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Minimum Deposit 0.00

Maintain Requirement 0.00

Membership Renewal Lifetime

Birthday Bonus 0.00

Upgrade Bonus 0.00

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This promotion offers is open to all V3PLAY members. Members will upgrade their tier level once their deposit amount has met our requirement, members are automatically qualified in our VIP program immediately.

Example: Member total deposit accumulated $4,000 on 05 October, and he is awarded as Platinum member immediately. Members can enjoy benefits of our tier level in real time, but how ever members will downgrade on next day after 00:00 if didn't fulfill or get qualify of the minimum tier retention requirement.

After member has entitled their VIP level, it will preserve for lifetime or certain months depends on the tier lifetime.

V3PLAY reserves the right to cancel member's VIP privileges anytime without prior notice if any member breached the General Terms & Conditions.


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